If you're a reader always on the hunt for the perfect book to fit your reading mood, this is the community for you.

The FictionMatters Book Club is a community for mood readers who don't want to be told what to read, but value the experience of reading alongside other thoughtful bibliophiles.

Each month, I ask members what they're in the mood to read and select a book from my own to-be-read list that fits our collective reading vibe. At the end of the month, I post discussion questions for readers to engage with in a comment thread as well as hosting virtual discussions on Zoom.

In addition to the lively bookish banter of our meetings, I create monthly Book Club Kits, which include even more questions for discussion, stand-out quotes from our book, resources to enhance your understanding, and suggestions for continued reading.

In addition to the monthly book club, readers who join the FictionMatters Patreon community get access to:

Newsletters with book recommendations by reading mood and details about my most anticipated new releases

Monthly Ranked Reading Recaps sharing every book I read from worst to best

The Books that Matter mini-podcast series where I discuss the transformative power of fiction with Patrons by deep diving into the books that matter to them

Biblio Brunch virtual meet-ups with the FictionMatters community to discuss what we’ve read recently

Plus behind-the-scenes peeks, input on blog posts and book lists, access to a private Facebook group, and more!

You can join the FictionMatters Book Club and access all these bookish goodies for just $5 per month.


Reading is a great hobby for the introverted and independent, but being a part of a community with other readers is one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to improve your reading life. The FictionMatters Book Club and the Novel Pairings podcast are two great ways to meet other avid readers and get more out of the books you read.


If you're looking for a community that delights in the literary life as much as you do and will actually discuss the book club book, this is the group for you!

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