Welcome to the FictionMatters blog!


A place for English teachers and pleasure readers to find mutual inspiration, along with a new book or two. This blog is founded on the belief that fiction, well, matters. Fiction fosters empathy, shapes minds, spurs creativity, builds bridges, and ignites wonder.

I’m Sara, an English teacher in Denver, CO and the reader behind the bookstagram account @FictionMatters. After five years of posting my bookish thoughts on Instagram, I’m excited to create this new space where I can gush about all the books I read in a slightly longer format. 


For Teachers...


My initial thought behind this blog was to have a place where I could review the books I read specifically for English teachers. As long as I’ve been teaching I’ve been trying hard to shake up my curriculum. That means bringing diversity of voice, more contemporary literature, and a wider variety of genres to my courses. To help me keep track of possible books to teach, I keep notes about the books, jotting down major themes and literary devices, classics that contemporary reads pair well with, and potentially difficult-to-teach content. The Teaching Reviews you’ll find here expand those notes to help other teachers find new books for their curriculum, classroom libraries, and book club lists. And speaking of book clubs, Teaching Reviews aren’t just for teachers! If you’re looking for a book club pick to please a group or trying to curate your reading list by theme and mood, these reviews are for you too!


For All Readers...


But don’t worry! If you’re not a teacher and you really don’t care about what themes and literary devices you’ll find in a book, there will still be plenty of bookish content for you on the FictionMatters blog. Every reader is welcome, plus I still want to write about all the books I read that I just wouldn’t bring into the classroom. I’m going to be experimenting a bit on types of posts, but keep an eye out for more traditional reviews of new releases, novel pairings of old and new books, best-of genre lists, monthly reading wrap-ups, and tips on reading like an English teacher.


My hope is to help every reader (whether you’re avid or out of practice) find books that matter. Happy reading, everyone!