Books to Keep You Entertained During the Big Game


I enjoy the Super Bowl because I love my friends and, of course, the snacks. But otherwise, I find the game pretty boring. I’m not sure I’ll actually get time to read during the festivities, but it’s nice to have a book on hand just in case. Here are some recommendations to keep you company during the game (organized by desired level of distraction) and the links to their Kindle pages so you can read right on your one even has to know.


Sports Books. Maybe you want to tune out of the game, but still keep the spirit of the moment. These books are for you.


Books to Block Out the Noise. Need something that will instantly hook you and keep you reading in spite of the cheers and chatter? Look no further than these page turners.


Books for Short Attention Spans. These are the books for readers who want to pay moderate attention to the game, but have a book to dip in and out of during the dull moments.

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